What is a board of directors?

McKinsey Explainers, 7 juillet 2023.

In today’s rapidly changing business and societal landscapes, effective board governance is more important than ever.
In the past, boards mainly oversaw CEO succession and financial strategy, providing support and approval for strategy proposed by management.
Today, the board’s involvement extends well beyond that: the modern board of directors provides more proactive direction and oversight on strategy, #risk and opportunity management, sustainability, talent management, leadership succession, organizational culture, and even brand management and marketing.
If the CEO of a company is the lead singer, the board of directors is the rhythm section. The chief executive officer fronts the company, leading the team in day-to-day operations to carry out strategy and create value. But just like the bass player and drummer lay down the lines that form the backbone of a great pop song, it’s the board of directors that provides direction and oversight to ensure shareholder and broader stakeholder interests are well looked after.

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